Welcome to Mera Family

Welcome to Mera Family

Hello Beautiful,

My name is Katherine and I come from Bogota, Colombia. Ever since I was very young, I always loved Emeralds and jewelry. After many years studying and learning about emeralds, I am excited to share my brand, Mera Jewelry. 


Mera stands for the stunning emeralds found in Colombia many years ago, and symbolizes empowered women who are looking for beautiful creations and fine jewelry. Every piece of fine jewelry offered in The Gold Collection its created by hand with the finest materials and stones, sharing with you a little bit of my passion for fine jewelry and stunning stones. 


I also have created The Mint Collection for those looking for fashion jewelry. As an accomplished model, I have created fashion jewelry perfect for your daily life at incredible prices.


Please follow our blog to stay up to date with my designs and ideas.


 I am excited to welcome you to the Mera family.



Katherine Londono Paul. 



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